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“We know you are unique, so we believe travel experience should be unique, too!
At Go Indonesia Tours, we work to focus on delivery a true value to our clients while they take their trip to Indonesia. Our products are the combination of expert knowledge about the region, flexible and innovative itinerary. With our profound understanding of the country and 10+ years of experience in the tourism industry, we do know how to make your holiday comfortable, safe, interesting and hassle-free. We are passionate about what we do and we believe in sustainable and responsible tourism. Come with us to discover real people, real cultures and enjoy your amazing holiday with the authenticity of Indonesia.
Together, we create beautiful travel memory. Together, we make an impact on the local community and change the life of the people. Together, we are better”

go indonesia tours - creat your unique travel memories

We’ve Got a Story to Tell…

Meet Henry, Our Founder & Director

Starting with his burning love for traveling, together with his desire to show the beautiful country of Indonesia well-known to the world, Mr. Henry established Go Indonesia Tours and built the website www.goindonesiatours.com in 2009 with the purpose of being one of the best Indonesia local tour operator offering customers with the best trip to Indonesia. We create maximum flexibility for customers to savor the spectacle in the Land of Gods, and to gain unforgettable memories in the island nation of over 300 ethnic groups living in harmony.

As locals, we master every corner of Indonesia to create the finest itinerary to satisfy each individual’s needs. The website is subjected-specific conferences for package tours, tailor-made holidays and excursions to Indonesia. No matter your vacation is and Adventure, Luxury, Family or Special Interest Tour, we carter to your demands!

After 11 years, we are proud to be one of the repute Indonesia tour companies who is the member of Association of Indonesian Tour & Travel Agency (ASITA), American Society of Travel Agent (ASTA), and Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA). At Go Indonesia Tours, quality, trust, and safety for customers are three main key in travel that we take seriously.

Henry Le - Go Indonesia Tours founder

Our Mission

To be Your Reliable Online Indonesia Local Tour Operator 

Go Indonesia Tours provides travelers with all they need from travel service, airport transfer, car renter, package tours and more, with the professional team working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can completely rely on us to be your best Indonesia tour operator.

To Delight our Customers with Authentic Indonesia Vacation Packages 

We have been gone through 11 years working in the Indonesia tourism industry and our mission remains the same as we were when the company was established in 2009: to provide high-quality vacation and the most affordable price while offering each customer with personalized service.

Maintain Sustainable Tourism Development & Profit the Local Community

As an island nation with over 17000 stunning islands, we know that there are so many things to discover around the untouched landscape of Indonesia. In our attempt to develop tourism in a sustainable way, in each trip, we control the minimum of plastic usage, interact with the local people and encourage tourists to spend money directly to the local community in each destination we pass.

Our Values

We Are Passionate About Travel

Travel is our passion, we love each of our small island, we love our destination, our people and we want to show our beautiful country to the world

go indonesia tours we are passionate about travel

We Strive to Travel Responsibly

We work closely with local partners to ensure that everyone who serves us earns a fair wage. We carefully research the experiences in each destination we provide to our guests to ensure the wildlife, ecosystems, historic sites, and most importantly the people we encounter are not being harmed by our activities.

We Work for Honesty

We know that reputations are hard to win and easy to lose. That’s why integrity, honesty, and fairness are significant in our organization. We listen carefully to our customers and strive to meet their expectations and beyond. From the moment when we help our customers to make the right choice about their travel experience to Indonesia, we say what we mean and mean what we say, communicating clearly throughout. Perhaps even more importantly, we ensure that we do what we say, delivering on our promises while carrying out our business in accordance with the very highest ethical standards.

What We Do for You

To be your reliable Indonesia local operator, we have been building our team for over 10 years by handpicking our professional specialists, expert local guides and experienced drivers throughout Indonesia. We know customer service is the first, flexibility being a must, and value to our customers being the best. This is our vision and target for us to set goals for offering high-end service and products for travelers from all over the world. Not just a journey, but the unique Indonesia trip with an exceptional experience that you are looking for, your schedule, your interest, all are made easy with a specialist from start to finish.

We work for you

Once you made contact with Go Indonesia Tours, we will talk and help you to realize your dream and turn it into reality, exceed your expectations. We do this by being extremely knowledgeable and dedicated to each client. We work with you every step of the way until we achieve the perfect result: a personalized, life-changing holiday that becomes one of the most memorable trips for the rest of your life.

Go indonesia tours - we work for you
Go Indonesia tours - we are with you every step of the way

We are with You Every Step of the Journey!

We will pay careful attention to every detail of your itinerary before you book to ensure you get the most appropriate tour itinerary. And whenever you go, we look after the smallest of details to ensure you end up your Indonesia tour with the authentic experience that you will remember forever. Feel free to make a phone call to our tour guide, tour leader and tour operator as they will always turn on their cell phone 24 hours/day in case of emergency and you need their assistance. All for free for your laid-back travel.
Whenever you need, we are here for you, contact us via:
Customer Support: 24/7: +84398 987 489; +1 800 468 5768
Livechat: During working hours
Email us: [email protected]

We are Delighted to Make an Adjustment for You

Before you decide to book, every element of the tour can be tailor to meet your exact interests and schedule. From driver, guide, or vehicle, all can be changed unlimitedly without charge.

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Win Tay on Tripadvisor.com

"We have been to many countries but no one is like Indonesia. Each and every destination was beautiful and the experience was unforgettable. We really appreciate Rebecca and Go Indonesia Team for a very good trip.
We will certainly look for you when we are about to revisit  Indonesia..."

See How Customers Talk about Us!

Traveling With Go Indonesia Tours, We give you more

Each traveler who travels with us is our personal guest and each moment matters to us because we know it matters to you. Not just a usual trip, but that journey you take with more values to make your travel special.

Indonesia local tour company gives you more peace in mind

More peace of mind

Every moment of your travel experience is important to us. Whether it’s helping you select a destination, taking you to and from the airport, offering the security of our unrivaled Travel Protection plan or 24-7 support, we are there for you every step of the way

More Expertise

Backed by a decade of experience, Go Indonesia is proud to show you wonderful Indonesia. Our passionate travel consultants travel to every corner of the country, creating new experiences and staying ahead of the latest travel trends. Plus with a local guide by your side, you'll never miss a thing.
deeper experience on indonesia tour

More on Tour

We are committed to exceed your expectations, and we begin by including more iconic must-sees and cultural inclusions to deliver a deeper experience. We also include authentic meals in local restaurants and more menu choices for your favorite food. Add with the carefully selected accommodations, you will have a truly amazing journey.
flexibility on tour

More Flexibility

Every traveler is different, so we have created many ways to personalize your trip to make it your very own. It’s where inclusiveness meets choice and we’re pretty excited about it.
more sharing for indonesia trips

More Sharing

The most meaningful travel moments are those that are shared. Every day around the country, our guests are posting about their own incredible travel experiences.
we give you more care on each trip

More Caring

Through local community volunteering and support, we make an impact in the places where we work; and with our support of legacy programs, we make a difference in the places where we travel. Our goal is to give children in our country– regardless of circumstance – the opportunity to accomplish their dreams.

What Make Us Different

Free Inquiry

From the very first time you make an inquiry with Go Indonesia Tours, you can choose either to talk on the phone, live chat or exchanging via email with our specialist to discuss your interest and specific requirement. They will then quote a tailor-made itinerary proposal that can be refined until you are satisfied to book. This inquiry is totally FREE and no OBLIGATION.

100% Custom-Craft Itinerary

We understand you deserve a unique experience from the most popular attractions to off the beaten track, so we work to create the finest itinerary for you. It is not just traveling from A to B or seeing the sights on the surface. Your unique journey to Indonesia focus on providing you with history culture, and local insight in each destination you pass. All trips are well-organized to the last detailed.

High-end Customer Service from Our First Hello to Your Return Home

We are an entire team who proud of our selves on providing a friendly, personal and professional level of service to ensure that any tour in Indonesia will be operated well and effortless.
With over 10 years working in the Indonesia tourism market, we are big enough to have power in buying good prices from our services providers, and we pass that to our clients. And we are small enough to offer great personal care to the individual.

We Exceed Expectations

We offer not a good trip to Indonesia but an outstanding one, not traveling services but real-life experiences. Every decision we make based on getting that experience right, make sure it’s as perfect as possible.

indonesia tour operator we are with you every step of the way

Expert Guides 10+ Years’ Experience

We do understand an outstanding local guide will make your day. At Go Indonesia Tours, all of our tour guides are well trained and have tour guide licenses and based on the performance. We ensure our local tour guide with deep knowledge, humor, and love for children will completely assist you every step in your vacation.

Travel & Discover the Real Indonesia with Your Style

From the first time you browse our website, you will find a selection of our best-selling tours in Indonesia. Those tours were experienced by many of our clients and we also have very good feedback for those too. If you can’t find any tours that suit your schedule or interest. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a tailor-made tour program to meet your unique needs in all parts of Indonesia.

Go Indonesia tour company help you to taste the real Indonesia

Trusted Payments

Booking with Go Indonesia Tours, we offer 3 ways of payment options for you to choose when making payment after you book your tour with us. You can pay with your credit card, Western Union, One PAY or PayPal to ensure that your bookings are always easy. We make sure that all the payment methods are at secure standard, convenience, and safety.

No Booking or Credit Card Fees

Booking a tour with Go Indonesia Tours, we never charge you hidden costs of booking or unexpected fees. You don’t need to make any additional payment during your vacation

Our Pledge to You

Messager from Our Founder

“Halo” with my heartiest greeting!
Due to the bad luck of natural disasters, Indonesia’s tourism was a bit paused. However, during the pause, we have been doing a lot of social welfare and humanitarian assistance in the affected areas. We would like to thank you for all your supports because even though we did have some difficult circumstances financially, we have been doing what we should do.
Now the tourism in Indonesia is booming, whether you travel from abroad or you live in Indonesia and want to arrange a trip to look around, the country has so many things to offer. Thank you for all your love and thank you for choosing our country as one of your destinations to discover.
With our headquarters based in Banten, the westernmost province of Java, our team now is 50 people strong and continues to grow. We work exceptionally hard to bring you the high-end service in Indonesia from our first hello to your return home. We dare to innovate, aim to be unique for years to come to inspire our customers on the way to Indonesia – the Emerald of the Equator. 

Founder of Go Indonesia Tours

Want a remarkable trip to Indonesia with a unique experience, great value & exceptional service? Don’t hesitate, determine your own journey with Go Indonesia Tours!