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Indonesia adventure tours

Indonesia Adventure Tours & Travel Packages

Indonesia adventure tours lead you to take arduous journeys in the lands of spectacular islands. The home to mesmerizing rice terraced and trekking trails across dense forests and magnificent growling volcanoes. The nation of 300 ethnic groups, 800 languages spoken and charming traditional villages. From trekking through off the beaten track to paddling a sea kayak to rafting on the river. There are many fun activities to escape from the crown. Best destinations for Indonesia adventure tours are:

  •  Ubud – behold the mesmerizing rice terraces and enjoy the melodies of bird-singing
  •  Mt Bromo – hike up to the top & marvel at the incredible beauty overlooking at the crater of the active volcano.
  •  Lake Toba – take a breathtaking boat trip to explore the serene island of Samosir
  •  Flores – take a motorcycle tour & see the giant komodo dragons
  • Gili Islands – explore the amazing sea life in the heart of the ocean

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Indonesia Adventure Tours & Travel Packages

Active Indonesia Adventure Tour – 9 Days

Indonesia Adventure Tours & Travel Packages

Indonesia Treasure – 8 Days

Indonesia Adventure Tours & Travel Packages

Impressive Indonesia Adventure Tour – 12 Days

Best Indonesia Adventure Tours | Top 5 Sensational Adventurous Activities

Indonesia is the home to a variety of stunning landscapes surrounded by incredible beaches, mountains, rivers, and volcanoes to admire; superb delicacies to enjoy as well as rich history and distinctive culture to explore. Therefore, there is no wonder that more and more travelers heading to the country in the search of adventure. If you have fallen in love with the marvelous and colorful island nation of Indonesia and are looking for the best activities for adventure tours in Indonesia, here are our recommendations.

Trekking Through the Jungles of Sumatra

Sumatra is the ideal place for Indonesia adventure travel to discover the incredible biodiversity. It is the largest island in Indonesia and thus offers great opportunities for plenty of adventurous activities and authentic cultural experiences. Listen to the orchestra of bird-singing and nature around you through the trekking route you've passed. The most highlight of trekking through the jungle in Sumatra is seeing the Orangutans living in wild nature. You will have a chance to learn more about their habits in the rain forest. It is really amazing and made the entire experience fantastic. Indonesia adventure tours - Trekking in Sumatra

Hike to Mt Bromo & See the Sunrise

Next up on our list of adventurous activities in Indonesia is climbing Mount Bromo - the most iconic volcano in Indonesia. Although in fact, the route to Mt Bromo isn't challenging travelers as other activities but is truly spectacular. Sunrise is the best time to climb up the mountain and be fascinated by the incredible view of the volcano. Indonesia adventure holidays - climb to Mt Bromo

Explore Indonesia’s Land of Dragons

Exploring the land of dragons while observing the wonderful marine life and untouched beaches are the next activities to do for your fantastic Indonesia adventure tours. Komodo Island is the is the best-kept treasure of Indonesia. Tucked away at Flores, the island is a paradise for adventurers to enjoy an undisturbed vacation amidst the tropical landscape. Together with looking out for the komodo dragons, staying at the luxurious resort, playing thrilling water sports and joining in scuba diving and snorkeling are interesting things to do in Indonesia adventure holidays. Indonesia adventure trip - explore the land of dragon

Surfing in Bali

An adventure trip in Indonesia won't be completed without surfing. There are so many majestic islands you can choose to visit. If you want to enjoy a vacation with many other travelers, Bali is one of the most famous destinations for you to surf through amazing waves. Java and Sumatra are other great spots for you to enjoy a laid-back adventure holiday. Indonesia adventure tour packages - surfing in indonesia

Diving in Lombok

Close to the gorgeous Bali, the gentle Lombok has many things to offer, and at the top of the list is an adventure. Possessing pristine white sand beaches through to rugged cliffs and growling volcanoes making Lombok a unique destination for Indonesia adventure tour packages. Get your adrenaline pumping up while taking a drive to the bottom of the sea to see the colorful marine life. Lombok will enchant the heart of adventurers with a mind-blowing scenery away from the crowd. The Gili islands are the most famous places for diving in Lombok. Additionally, Sekotong which lies at the southwest of Lombok is also a treasure trove of pristine dive sites. Whether you are an experienced diver or the new one, Lombok also welcomes you. Indonesia adventure travel packages - diving in lombok