Indonesian Tea | Top 6 Types of Tea in Indonesia to Buy

Best Indonesian Tea to Buy When Visiting Indonesia

Indonesia is an agrarian country with rich biodiversity. The geography of Indonesia as a tropical country makes it have a stable temperature and humidity on the highland which is very ideal for many types of plants to grow well. One of all those in the tea plants. Let’s find out the top 6 Indonesian tea that visitors find most enticing when touring Indonesia.

History of Indonesian Tea

Indonesians began tea production in the 1700s as a decorative plant. In 1828, the tea tree was planted in Wanayasa and Raung. After that, the expected success of the tea industry leads to the cultivation system by the Netherlands to the Indonesian people. Then, in the early twentieth century, the Indonesians exported tea to Europe and gain popularity for its high premium quality. Over the years, the country has become the seventh-largest tea producer in the world, with 144,015 tonnes – much of which was exported – in 2018.

history of indonesian tea

Top 6 Most Famous Indonesian Tea to Buy When Visiting Indonesia 

Indonesia Jasmine Tea

Jasmine tea is a type of tea made from the petals of jasmine flowers. It is one of the most delicious scented tea in the world. The fragrance of jasmine tea can help reduce stress and give a sense of relaxation to the body and the brain.

indonesian jasmine tea

There are two ways to make jasmine tea. The first one is to pick jasmine flowers early in the morning and choose the flowers whose petals are still closed. Then, keep the petals until they dry and produce the maximum scent. Pour the jasmine petals in boiled water then the tea is ready to serve. The second way to make jasmine tea is by picking the flowers in the early spring, then pour them right in hot water for five to seven hours to make the water fully scented.

Indonesia Black Tea

Black tea is the most popular tea besides all kinds of Indonesian tea. It is made from a large-leaved tea tree, and the process of making it is just like any other normal tea. The chosen tea leaves are withered by water, then rolled, and fermented before being heated. Fermentation is the key process determining black tea’s quality, the series of chemical changes that happen under the assistance of enzymes during the making process. The unique scent and flavor of the tea will then be formed, and can even remain for years on end. This is definitely a perfect kind of gift to buy for your family and friends when you travel to Indonesia.

Indonesia black tea - famous Indonesian tea

Indonesia Breadfruit Leaf Tea

Breadfruit only grows in tropical regions like Indonesia. It contains a lot of nutrition: fosfor, calcium, protein, vitamin A, B1, B2 and Antioxidant. Making breadfruit leaf tea is just like making typical tea: Choose the good leaves, rinse them with water and then let them dry in the sunshine. Finally, the dried leaves are ready to be boiled in water for drinking.

Indonesia Breadfruit Leaf Tea - top 6 indonesia tea

We can gain numerous benefits from consuming tea made from breadfruit leaf. It helps reduce hypertension, keep cholesterol levels in control, cure arthritis, diabetes, maag, and also prevent colon cancer.

Indonesia Rose Tea

To make rose tea is just simple. Choose the best petal flower and make sure it is pesticides-free, then pour water in for several hours to wait for the fragrance. The main benefit of drinking rose tea is a sense of relaxation, thanks to the essence and aroma of the roses which can relieve anxiety and depression. Tea roses are rich in antioxidants and vitamin E, D, C, B3, and citric acid. Therefore, the substantial contents in the rose tea are very helpful in preventing constipation and weight loss.

Indonesian rose tea - good tea indonesia

One pretty similar tea with this is Rosebud tea is similar to Rose tea. The only difference is that it’s made from the buds of rose which are still closed. The younger petal it is made from, the softer it tastes than Rose Tea, and its scent fresher too. Though it is still a bud, the nutrition is the same as the nutrition of bloomed flowers.

Indonesia Daun Kopi Tea

In Bahasa, Daun stands for leaf and kopi is for coffee. Accordingly, Daun kopi tea refers to a tea made from coffee tree leaves. Coffee tree leaves are first picked, left withered and rolled then heated just like making usual tea.

Indonesia Daun Kopi Tea - indonesian tea

Research shows that coffee tree leaves contain more antioxidants – which plays a crucial role in preventing free radical (one of the causes of diseases such as cancer) – than black tea. Also, Daun Kopi tea helps lower the sugar level in the blood, hence reduce the risk of diabetes.

Indonesia Daun Jati Tea

Jati is Bahasa for the Teak tree in English. Teak tree is known for its huge benefits, containing an Anthranoid compound that contributes to stimulating intestines contraction, cleansing toxic, as well as dirty blood, and lowering Cholesterol Levels. With its numerous advantages, you should totally try Daun jati tea on a trip to Indonesia.

Indonesia Daun Jati Tea - healthy Indonesian tea